Get a 7% APY
compound return,
at just $10 to start!

Compound Savings Bonds are powered by real estate finance, asset-backed, liquid, and pay a fixed 7% APY compound return. That means higher yields for the everyday person.

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High-yield 7% APY fixed interest bonds with compound
return. Your money keeps growing.

Compound banc digital bond in a mobile screen.

State-of-the-art security measures.
Investments backed by
real assets.

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We are not a traditional bank. Say goodbye to low interest rates of a savings account and hello to money that compounds daily – so you earn 125X the national rate.

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Withdraw your money any time.

No lock-ins.
No commitments.
No hassles.

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Real assets.
Real returns.
NO crypto
NO stocks

Enjoy a steady income stream where your portfolio is powered by diversified real
estate assets:

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Automating your savings has never been so easy.
Use “Round-Ups” on everyday purchases to convert spare change to a $10 bond.

NO hidden fees.
NO maintenance fees.
NO annual fees.
NO setup fees.
NO redemption fees.
NO processing fees.


Tap to see your
savings at any
time for a seamless

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Simple, secure
savings. We make investing easy to
access for everyone.

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