Financial Freedom

We’re on a mission to unlock financial freedom for all by giving the financial tools of the rich to everyone

Compound Banc is a financial technology company, not a traditional bank. In fact, we’re even better — because we’re making financial products more inclusive and accessible. We are a next generation customer centric company. We have unlocked financial freedom for all by building a simple secure financial ecosystem where your money can grow and move freely.

How It Started

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We saw that the everyday person did not have access to invest like the Wolfs on Wall Street do. They were faced with red tape and had to go through a complex and inefficient process, riddled with high fees and outdated middlemen. They did not have the time, knowledge, or stability to invest in the convoluted, high volatility market.

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We set out to change that. We decided to level the playing field by unlocking access to the largest alternative investment category: real estate.

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What was previously reserved for the top 1%is now delivered in a simple, transparent digital app. This allows you to grow wealth by taking advantage of the compound interest philosophy.

Our Values


Albert Einstein said,

"Compounding is the 8th wonder of the world" and we made it to the core of our approach.

Build a

As part of unlocking industry secrets, we value providing knowledge for our users. We’re creating a Compound Community where we help millions of people invest to build savings that serve them, growing a more inclusive economy.

the People

We aim to empower communities, people, and businesses with access to capital that was historically denied to them. We give loans to underserved and underbanked populations, adding a human touch to the otherwise rigid world of fintech.

Be the Bridge
to Wealth

We value financial freedom and believe anyone should be able to achieve it regardless of how much savings they are starting off with. That’s why we make affordable financial products that span across the savings lifecycle so that the process is a seamless experience.

Meet the Team

Compound Banc is made up of world-class financial experts with unique exposure to a hard-to-access asset class.

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Inderjit Tuli

Chief Executive Officer

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Michael Burmi

Chief Investment Officer

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Sanju Gaglani

Chief Marketing Officer

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Asal Hoseini

Head of Real Estate

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John Covello

Head of Real Estate
Debt Strategies

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