Your money
makes money,
then makes more money.

We’ve reversed engineered the traditional barriers to investing so growing your nest egg is easier and accessible to everyone. We’ve unlocked this by making the most prominent alternative asset class more accessible: Real Estate.

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What was previously reserved for the top 1% is now delivered in a simple, smart, transparent app. Here’s how compound bonds work in a nutshell:

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Our Strategy

Your portfolio is powered by high-quality,
cash-generating real assets.

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We blend our investment expertise with smart technology to provide our bond holders with access to high-quality real estate assets that are traditionally reserved for billion-dollar institutions.

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We thematically invest in high value real estate assets across a diversified portfolio consisting of debt, residential, commercial and industrial assets.

With a strong focus on assets we believe to be on the right side of disruption, we’ve expertly designed our strategy to increase income and growth while hedging risk to inflation, and correlation to traditional asset classes.

Our Value-Driven Investment Approach is defined by two principles:

Identify Quality Assets with a Flexible Approach

Invest in private real estate and real estate related debt

Diversify portfolio across property types and geographies

Maximize Income and Minimize Downside

Focus on quality, money generating properties

Get assets for less than what we believe is their intrinsic value

The result of this process is a portfolio of stable income producing properties and real estate-related debt diversified across locations and property types. Our portfolio seeks to offer bond holders these attractive benefits that were once reserved for the select few:

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High yields

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A hedge against

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and stability

Why does Compound
Banc invest in real estate?

The largest global institutional investors allocate a large portion of their portfolios to real estate — and with good reason. Investments in real estate offers several key benefits for your portfolio.

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Real estate is historically the most solid investment class and has outperformed the average annualized S&P 500 return for the last 25 years, resulting in a higher yielding portfolio.

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Over the past 20 years, private real estate has shown low correlations with stocks and equity markets, meaning risk-adjusted returns for you.

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For the past 44 years, real estate income generation has rise faster than inflation measures, protecting your income in the long term.